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Because HEAVY PETTING is a comedy, I could only use snippets from the interviews with witnesses. Finally, with the DVD you can see the interviews as we on the crew experienced them. The DVD includes a total of nearly two hours of footage of the following nine people. On this page are 3 to 5 minute excerpts.

Abbie Hoffman

December 17, 1986

I had known Abbie a little from the 70's when he was on the run from the law. He was eager to talk, as always, and he expresses the energy and insight that made his public speaking so magnetic.

Laurie Anderson

December 17, 1986

I met Laurie when she walked through the door. She's one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. And who would have thought she was a cheerleader and winner of the Talent section of the Miss Teen Illinois Pagent.

Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs

December 19, 1986

I had met Allen at the Tassajara Hot Springs monastary (San Francisco Zen Center). He gave me his number in New York, and we got together a few times. Allen is a key mover in the growth of American culture, from his poetry to Beatnik creation to freespirited sensuality to political truth telling. His clear eye and true heart were always active.

Allen agreed to the interview and then called the day before and said, "Bill's in town. Why don't I bring him along." We did the two shot, then Bill alone, then Allen alone. We decided to use only the two shot, as they are such an fascinating pair.

Barry Bartkowski

December 16, 1986

Barry was what, in New Jersey, we called a "greaser". The genuine article, he was a real life character who dressed and acted in the style portrayed by Marlon Brando in THE WILD ONE (albeit with cars instead of motorcycles).

David Byrne

September 20, 1987

I'm a big fan of David's music, but we had never met. He was refreshingly straightforward and direct, apparently having had more modern and less repressed experiences as a teenager than most of the other witnesses.

Spalding Gray

December 10, 1986

Spalding was a great talker, entirely candid and ruthlessly aware of the kernels of trauma which affected his character. He was full of insights and entirely unafraid to express details which many would be embarrassed to reveal. (No, the person who comes into his room from the fire escape is not his mother, she was a girl from high school.)

Zoe Tamerlaine

December 10, 1986

Zoe was a friend who I ran into in the downtown scene. She was an enigmatic revolutionary, relentlessly articulate, who dressed in micro skirts and skin tight tops. She wrote and acted in independent films.

Sandra Bernhard

September 20, 1987

Sandra seems to express exactly what's on her mind without the slightest hint of self censorship. She was wry and funny, and the crew continually cracked up behind me. This style served her well in her one woman performance work.